9-11 (8 Years Later)


I wonder how many American’s remember what happened on September 11th 2001?  Let me rephrase that; I wonder how many American’s remember how they felt when they witnessed the terrible events that happened on that day.  If you are anything like me, you probably felt shock, anger, confusion, and you were barraged with a whole slew of other emotions.  I’ve thought about it for some time now… it’s not 2009, 8 years have passed us by, and I’ve often dwelt on why I felt the emotions I felt that day.  I think the reason for the emotions I felt that day were not due to surprise that the United States was attacked.  They were not due to the methods used to carry out the attacks.  No; I was shocked, stunned, because in my short time on this earth, I had never seen evil so boldly show itself.  I have never seen evil so brazenly declare that it is still here and that it is still operating on this earth. 

I am too young to have seen the Holocaust of WWII, and I vaguely remember seeing footage from Vietnam.  Granted, I’ve seen my share of evil deeds done and their consequinces, but I have never seen it done on such a scale as I saw it on September 11th, 2001.  And I remember the President (George W. Bush at that time) making his declaration of war against terror.  At that time he didn’t mince words.  He called it an evil act perpetrated by evil men.  Of course soon after-words the rhetoric changed.  It was no longer “evil” men who did it; it was misguided fanatics who hijacked the so called religion of peace.  The reason this rhetoric changed was because of our relativistic culture where tolerance is the supreme virture.  We are supposed to be tolerant of every thought and believe and behavior out there.  We live in a culture and society that has dismissed the idea of Satan and sin, and have adopted a view which sees humanity in purely materialistic terms, and because of these changes, that have taken place in our culture over the past few decades, something like that passage from Ephesians above might seem irrelevant. 

Today; it seems there are more people who do not see humanity as ina spiritual battle between sin and righeousness, between Satan and Christ.  Instead they see us as basically good people who just need direction.  And so reform is sought through legislation and education.  Laws seek to control the external behaviors, to stop evil with the threat of punishment, but laws cannot change the human heart.  Education targets the mind, where laws and legislation can’t touch, but since the human mind is twisted by sin, education seems to only create a more clever criminal.  A more devious form of wickedness if you will.  And so we have these secular agents of reform crying out for more and more money, and more and more of the latest technology, and more and more and more.  And to compound the problem, the Church has bought into this as well.  Since society exchanged the notion of sin for science, we’ve lost the ability to deal with evil.  The evil in this world that has been here since Adam’s fall, is still very much a present reality.  But… we got rid of the idea of sin and of mankind as sinners, and so when evil and sin show themselves as they did 8 years ago, we seem to have no way of dealing with it. 

Another thing that I remember about 9-11-01 was that for days and days, and even months after the tragidy of that day, the MSM (Main Stream Media) talking heads all sat around discussing what caused the terrorists to perpetrate such a horrible act?  Everyone wanted to know, what made them so willing to commit acts of insane violence on innocent civillians?  We want to know what happened to them that made them that way?  That is a modern question that assumes that we are the products of our environment and upbringing.  We want to know what social and/or biological events made 19 hijackers commit the greatest act of terror on American soil.  And the problem is that often times we can’t come up with a reason.  Sure there are those who say something like, “Well it’s because of radical Islam, which has taken root in the Middle East because of poverty. Poverty always allows such teachings to take root.”  I guess we shouldn’t tell the Shaolin Monks that their vows of poverty will eventually result in thier committing terrorist acts.  I guess we shouldn’t tell the hundreds of thousands in Mexico and South America, and China, and the Soviet Union, and Africa, and even in the US that their poverty will result in their commit acts of terrorism. 

Often what makes terrorism so terrorizing is that there is no answer for it other than men are evil, and because society has done away with that notion, we can no longer cope with the acts of evil done by them.   We blame it on this thing or that thing, but then along comes someone else who breaks the mold we’ve created and the powers that be in government, policy makers, the MSM, etc… are left scratching their heads.  And so instead of looking further into the issue the solution is now to change the issue, and get the masses focused on something entirely new and different.  We are after all a fast food nation and a microwave generation.  Relativism has made this possible.  Let me try to explain.

The world in which we live today is very nearly incomprehensible to most people.  There is almost no fact, whether actual or imagined, that will surprise or shock us for very long.  The reason for this is because of the teaching of relativism.  Relativism ahs caused us to have no comprehensive and consistent picture of the world.  And so the current generation lives in a world that makes no sense to them.  Think about it like this:  If you opened a brand new deck of cards, and you went through them one at a time, you would have a pretty good idea of what their order was.  After you started from the Ace of Spades and made your way to the 9 of Spades, you would no doubt expect the 10 of Spades to appear next.  But if a 3 of Diamonds showed up instead you would possibly wonder what was wrong with this brand new deck of cards.  However if you were given a deck that had been shuffled 20 times, you would most likely not expect the cards to show up in any particular order, because your basis for assuming that had been taken away by the shuffling.  The point being; that in a relativistic culture… in a world without Spiritual order and absolute truth, nothing is unbelievable, nothing is predictable, and nothing comes as a surprise.  And we are left scratching our heads at evil.

But this also results in another problem:  Many today have no filter.  They don’t know what information is relevant, and what information is irrelevant to their lives, their circumstances, their situations, and the things going on around them that will affect them in various ways.  Lets take health care for example.  I have a facebook page, and even though I am a conservative Christian, I have almost as many liberal facebook friends as I do conservative.  The overwhelming majority of my liberal facebook friends are passionate about health care reform.  Many say things like, “It’s immoral to not provide health care to those in need.”  I agree with that statement in its basic premise.  But I would go on to state, that it is also immoral to take my money and use it to provide sub-par health care to someone whose lifestyle (that I see as immoral) has resulted in their need for said healthcare.  I say sub-par becasue every nationalized health care system is just that, including our own VA hospitals.  Why should I or someone else be required to pay for the homosexual whose lifestyle has resulted in him contracting AIDS?  Why should I or someone else be required to pay for the alcoholic who needs a new liver?  And on the flip side, why should someone be required to pay for my health care expenses, if say my love for martial arts or extreme sports resulted in a crippling accident? 

Let’s take this issue back to 9-11, and instead of false tolerance and relativism, lets pretend we are Officer Friday for a moment and get just the facts.  It was indeed an evil act, perpetrated by evil men.  Islam has never been a religon of peace (although many historians are looking for a reform to take place in Islam very soon), and unless God steps in and brings a revival of repentance to our nation, we are on the fast track to not only more terrorist atttacks, but becomming irrelevant on the world scene, and the next nation to goose step into facisist socialism.

May God have mercy on us all.


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