The Dead Weather’s Brilliance

I just came across this video by the Dead Weather (Jack Whites new side project).  The social commentary in this video is beyond brilliance.  I’ll let you check it out.  My comments follow.

Alright!  It’s like a train wreck isn’t it?  You can’t turn away from it.  And you’ve got to love the sunlight filtering through the bullet wounds at the end of the video right!?!

So what the heck is White and Dead Weather saying?  Well here’s what I’m drawing out of this.  This is a commentary on marriage/relationships, but it goes beyond that.  In our modern society/culture we have lost the ability to think critically and logically and so instead of working problems out in a relationship, most couples tend to get ugly, and eventually hurt one another, (sometimes emotionally, sometimes physically, sometimes in other ways).  Eventually the marriage will end in divorce.  It’s sad but true.  This is why in the video we have male and female and the suburban setting in the background.

However we could take this even further.  I think it’s a well known fact that Jack White leans to the left on most social issues.  (Icky Thump is a pro-illegal immigration tune), and it is my understanding that he is/was an Obama supporter.  But reality is starting to set in for many of those who were behind Obama.  They are starting to see that he’s not the Messiah they had hoped for.   This could have something to do with this.  But I think it goes beyond that.

I honestly think that this is Jack Whites rendition of the battle between Conservatives and Liberals. 

The song begins by saying, “Don’t act like you can’t act… I always think you do it… you better learn to shake hands… and treat me like your mother.”  Is this a veiled reference to Obama?  The teleprompter?  His white mother?  A message of racism?  Is it a liberal slant or conservative?  Or both?

The next verse says, “You came up too late, to do a thing.”  Is this the liberal cop out for Obama’s failures?  It goes on to say, “Come on look me in the eye.  You wanna try to tell a lie.  I’ll bet you can’t and you know why, I’m just like your mother.”  Again a reference to the mother.  Is White saying that conservatives believe that Obama is inferior to them?  The song goes on to talk about manipulation… but whose manipulating who?  It then says, “Who’s got it figured out?  Left – Right, Left – Right, got it figured out…”

The song concludes with White saying, “You blink when you breath and you breath when you lie… You blink when you lie.”  Is this a reference to Nancy Pelosi?  And the last line says, “PLAY STRAIGHT!” 

I think White is sick of politics as usual.  Just like the rest of us, despite being an outspoken liberal I think Jack White has come to see, like so many of the rest of us, that neither Democrats or Republicans have the American People’s best interest at heart.  They are all liars and crooks, trying to fatten their wallets, while sending the rest of us down stream. 

If this is so; if someone like Jack White can see this, and in-fact write and sing a song about it, then maybe, just maybe there is hope for our nation afterall.  But… I seriously doubt it.


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