My Thoughts on the Downed Chinook

The more I hear about the downed chinook in Afghanistan, the more it stinks to high heaven.

Initially we heard that a chopper was downed and all 30 men on board were killed.  Then we heard that those 30 men were Navy SEALs.  Immediately buzzers went off in my head.  Then the reports came out that these SEALs were sent in to rescue Army Rangers from the Taliban.

Here’s my take on this.  First of all you don’t ever cram your entire special opperations team into one helicopter.  You don’t, for precisely this reason.  If the chopper goes down, you’ve lost your team.  There is no opperational reason to put your entire team into one chopper.  Only an idiot would do this, or someone with evil intentions (more on that in a moment).  Secondly; why send SEALs when an airstrike would work?  There is no need to send any ground forces when an airstrike would work.  So unless the Rangers were being overrun, why send the SEALs?  The Rangers obviously weren’t overrun, because the only report I’ve gotten was that the chopper was downed, not that an entire company of Rangers was over-run.  Apparently the Rangers made it out fine, so no support (especially from Navy SEALs) was necessary.  Thirdly; why send SEALs at all?  Especially the same SEAL team that became national heroes for killing OBL?  Marines, 82nd or 101st Airborne, or more Rangers would’ve been more suited to do the job.  Fourthly – the whoe mess gave the Taliban a victory.  The Arabic websites are claiming such, saying things like “We got the assassins.”  Fifthly; it was the wrong type of aircraft for the type of mission.  The chopper was a CH-47 Chinook, when it should’ve been the modified MH-47.  The MH-47 is a modified version of the Chinook, configured for special opperations, and equipped with countermeasures.  Most folks will tell you that the CH-47 is little more than a thin-skinned, flying coffin.  Sixthly – Army spokesmen have said that the Chinook was piloted by “regular” pilots and not pilots from the 160th SOAR (the 160th SOAR are the pilots who regularly fly spec opps troops.  They are specially trained and the best of the best when it comes to pilots).  Lastly; the whole thing smells like a set up.  It sounds like someone didn’t want SEAL Team 6 talking.  That’s why they put them in a death trap of a chopper, that’s why SOAR piolets weren’t flying the mission, that’s why the Taliban knew they were coming.

Conspiracy theory?  It absolutely sounds like it.  I think that there should be an investigation, that we need to check for leaks in Special Opperations Command, and the CIA (or even higher up), and heads should roll.

If it wasn’t a set up then whoever was in charge of this mission should be removed from duty for being a complete idiot.

Ok… just my thoughts.  Comments?


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