Once Upon a Time, America

Once upon a time God decided to bless some people with a child.  And despite all the worldly odds, this child was born, and she came into the world as so many other children before her did.  However; there were many who were angry about this child being born, and they did all they could to put an end to her life.  They attempted attacking her, and hurting her in a variety of ways, but thanks to God’s provision and protection; the child survived.  In-fact; God was so gracious that He made it very difficult for many who would do her harm to actually even get to her.  And those who could get to her, God miraculously defended her, against all the odds.  And the young child was fully aware of this and she was thankful and appreciative.

As the child grew God blessed her far beyond any child that had come before.  She was wealthy, she was strong, she was smart and hard working.  She was prosperous in all she did, and God’s protection remained upon her, and all knew that she was special to the Lord. 

But then something terrible happened… the child, though still young, began to wrongly think that she was responsible for her own success, and so she no longer acknowledged God in all her ways… and as much as she chose not to retain God in her knowledge, God gave her up.  Not only that, but since she believed that she was responsible for all her success, wealth, and strength, she began to force others to bend to her will, and she used her great wealth and strength to do this.  She also used her wealth and strength to exploit her weaker neighbors, and impose her will upon others who lived in the neighborhood.  Many were under her authority, but they did not mind her heavy handedness and sin, since they were also recipients of the blessings that she had received.

Over time her rejection of God grew from simply not acknowledging Him in all her ways to outright rebellion and disobedience, until it came to the point where she was openly, willfully, and happily cursing God, spitting in His face, disobeying Him with joy and gladness.  She gleefully committed sin and flaunted it before God.

Of course the consequences for this behavior began to show.  The child was stricken with sickness and began to suffer loss in various ways, and yet she continued in her open rebellion and unrepentance.

Finally one day God asked those who were under the authority of the child, “What shall I do with this one who has rejected me, and who has no fear of God, and no love for her fellow man?”  And the people said, “Heal her of her sickness, and she will be well.”  Other said, “Remind her of her youth, and she will be well.”  And God saw that they loved her greatly and it grieved Him in His heart, for they loved the child more than they loved Him and His ways, and so God said, “Since you have loved the child more than you have loved your Creator, you too will suffer what is about to befall her.”

And those under the authority of the child were angry with God.  And as calamity fell upon the child and those under her authority the child and those with her cursed God all the more. 


Who is this child?  Her name is the United States of America.


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